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Interior inspiration

Because we're renovating /rebuilding our house, I'm browsing a lot at interior sites or scrolling through Pinterest. Interior styling has always been one of my favorite topics. For example, I loved looking at the Debbie Travis show 'Painted house' (a very looong time ago, when I was young-er). Do you know her?

It's a bit difficult to define my own style. I also don't like to put it in a box, so I think it's 'Eclectic' ;) But when I look at my pinterest board I see a lot of natural elements, like plants, wood, natural stones, reeds,..

I also like all sorts of patterns, some vintage furniture (art deco, fifties, seventies style,..),

Scandinavian style elements, Industrial elements (black steel) and Mediterranean gardens & ceramics.

This interior is from Poppy Lane & Scott Gibson - of article The Design files.

They live in a life sized treehouse! Layered with beautiful locally made furniture, homewares and artwork. It's a bit 'too much' for me personally, but have certainly very inspiring elements!

For decorating, I loooove plants and ceramics. These handmade ceramics of Katia Carletti are so lovely don't you think?

What is your favorite interior style (if you can describe it)? I'd love to know!

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